In All Honesty

In All Honesty

New Years Eve – a night filled with excitement, anticipation, promise and in the case of a number of my friends, carefully chosen dresses and / or Jesus.

The older I get, the more uneventful my New Year’s Eve plans have become – not that they were ever exhilerating to begin with but you know what I mean. Tonight I have enjoyed the Chinese takeaway [we drove 30 minutes each way to acquire] while watching movies and probably dancing around our living room later because these are the simple things that bring me joy.

If ever there was a year I am happy to see the back of, it is 2017. That probably sounds very strange given that a number of life changing things that happened to me this year but I have my reasons. Perhaps one day I will elaborate but that day is not today. Various parts of my year can be summarised in the image below:


Having said that, on a far more positive note, this year, precisely 11 months ago, one of the most incredible men I have ever met asked me to marry him. We got married 8 months later. Successfully planning two rather large weddings (a traditional Nigerian wedding and a Catholic church service plus reception) in 7 months was no small feat and something I am very proud of.

I had one of my poems published in the Aké review and was able to actually attend the Aké Art and Book Festival in Nigeria. I watched three of my cousins get married as well as three of my friends and three other friends babies turned 1 – a lot of threes right? Also, I found out that four of my friends are pregnant!

It’s been a year of blessings but also one of some crushing lows. I made new friends, gained a new level of respect for old friends, let go of some and some friends let go of me. New partnerships were formed and old ones sadly lost.

This is not one of those ‘new year, new me’ posts. For the most part, I like who I am. I am even more excited about who I am becoming. Admittedly a little scared but excited nonetheless. While I would like to believe that things will be better in 2018, I cannot guarantee that for myself or anyone else. I simply have faith and that is good enough for me.

If 2017 was one of your best years yet, I raise the glass currently in my hand to you and if it wasn’t, I empathise. While I am personally not a fan of New Years resolutions, I have set small, achievable goals (and larger ones) to keep myself going as small wins lead to big ones. I would highly recommend this too.

No doubt I will share some of my goals / plans with you as the year progresses but in the mean time, thank you for reading over the past year. I wish you a very Happy New Year and will catch you all in 2018!

When you make peace with the erratic storms within you
Waves of regret will stop kissing your shores
©Assumpta Ozua 2016

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  1. Elizabeth Ozua.
    December 31, 2017 / 10:33 pm

    Fantastic write up and a brilliant quote to end with. I have made peace with the erratic storms within me. I am rest assured that waves of regret will stop kissing my shores. Have a brilliant 2018 @Assumpta

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