10 Facts About Me

(reposted from Instagram, in case you missed it)

1. I dreamt of being a writer-poet-doctor from when I was 5 until I was 15. I hated my high school Chemistry teacher and thus the dream died because Chemistry is a prerequisite for medicine. Writer and poet are still up for grabs!

2. My favourite subjects in school were English, Classics, Biology and PE.

3. I have visited 20 countries over 42 times.

4. The first concert I ever attended was Justin Timberlake’s.

5. My most used emoji is 🙈. The people closest to me say it’s basically me when I’m being mischievous, feeling shy or do something stupid.

6. I m an ambivert but more on the introverted side – being in my own company is how I recharge. It’s why my social media usage is so sporadic.

7. The worst phase of my life was University aka ‘The Lost Years’ as I refer to them.

8. My hidden talent / party trick is that I can flip my arms over my head (back to front like a monkey) without letting go.

9. To achieve a lot of what I have, I had to give up caring what other people thought of and had to say about me. This is still a work in progress but I am who I am; those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

10. My husband is the manifestation of God’s love for me made flesh. Unequivocally. On the days when my faith is low and I’m feeling like He must ‘hate’ me, I see Horia’s face and all is right with the world once more. Saccharine but true.

Care to share any facts about you?

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