Trunkwell Mansion House, Reading [Side Note: Picture heavy post]

In my previous post, (click here if you missed it), I shared a high school friend’s traditional Nigerian wedding with you all. This post is about her white wedding held at Trunkwell Mansion House in Reading as the title of this post suggests. Having been to well over 20 weddings (and that’s a conservative estimate) plus toying with the idea of becoming a wedding planner after I graduated from University, I’m a bit of a self-confessed wedding connoisseur. View Post

Wake-Up Call

Last week I went to a traditional Nigerian wedding with some high school friends (the bride also went to our high school). Nigerian weddings…actually Nigerian events in general, are very vibrant and lively affairs, as evidenced in a previous post of mine (read here) and this one was no different. View Post

6 Word Story: Caution

So I’m feeling in a really minimalist mood at the moment hence the sparse nature of this post/story. I’m being very economical with my words: spoken and written and also with my time. The photos below were taken in front of my parents house in Nigeria, aka The White House (for obvious reasons), back in May. View Post

The Girl Next Door

I know some really attractive people – inside and out. A prime example is the gorgeous young lady below. This shoot was really impromptu actually as I hadn’t woken up with taking any photographs in mind. But, as luck would have it, the lovely Ahua Photography showed up at my church on Easter Sunday and happened to have her camera in tow so we thought, ‘why not?’ View Post