Sometimes, sandwiched between running my business, day dreaming and writing or editing, I dust off the shackles of stage fright and actually perform some spoken word. In public. With people in the audience. Crazy right?

My love affair with words started when I was very young. It’s just how I have always expressed myself (I type or write more than I physically say). And although my lyrical love is temperamental at times, it is long-standing, restorative and provides me with a joy that I would struggle to accurately articulate – which is a tad ironic, but true.

I just love words. Especially learning and using new ones. Sometimes people think my writing is a little dense and admittedly it is, but anyone who knows me, realises that it’s how I speak in real life, so my use of language is not [intentionally] contrived. Why know a plethora of unusual words if I can’t use them? I am a logophile and proud!

The pictures below were taken at an acoustic event I performed at called The Prelude. I’m so glad that it was documented (in photographs and video) because I can honestly say that it was the first time I felt really comfortable on a stage. Of course I was nervous beforehand and during but I didn’t allow my nerves to take over this time. And it helped that I chose a piece that I really love.

I’ll share the video in another post but for now, the poem at the end is something I wrote today.


7 thoughts on “Slipstream”

  1. So cool that you got to do this!
    I’m not afraid to speak in public but it’s not something that I’m sure I’d like… want to do, you know?
    But then I see something like this post and it makes me think, hey why not read that poem you wrote in 2010? Why not try it?
    In a weird way, you’ve given me my daily dose of inspiration 🙂
    Thank you ❤ ❤

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    1. Aww…this comment has made my morning! So happy it inspired you – your blog in constantly inspiring me! Makes me want to actually try the more daring outfits I conjure in my head and experiment more in the kitchen. I considered taking a picture recently to send you but the lighting was bad and I’m trying to be a good student by heeding your words.
      Definitely go read that poem you wrote in 2010! Do it… then let me know how it went!

      P.S. I’m going to email you soon. I keep having a conversation with you in my head and think “Assumpta, you should really just email this awesome woman!” but then some dust blows by and I’m lost to the world…


  2. Wow, lady, you have POISE! 😊 I can tell that your spoken word delivery must be powerful just by looking at these pictures. That is the posture of a strong independent woman right there! 😊

    Also LOVE the idea of the cyclone of life, and enjoying the thrill of simply being alive – no matter what the world throws your way ❤️😊

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    1. Aww thank you kindly Yusra! That really means a lot. Lol at you infering that my spoken word delivery must be powerful from the pictures! Hopefully you won’t be disappointed when I put the video up?
      As for life, it truly is a gift – despite it’s ups and downs. So it’s best to just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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      1. Haha – I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed by the video… I know it’s going to be awesome! 🙂 I’ve never tried spoken word myself, but I’ve always wanted to have a go deep down… I think you’ll inspire me! 😉


  3. Well, you definitely have a way with words. Reading your posts are like going to see a very graceful ballet… if that makes sense LOL! Although, I don’t think I could read a poem in public (I’m much better at non-verbal language… like dancing… hmmm.. that doesn’t “read” right LOL), I must say that you looked amazing while doing so and I loved your poem. I can’t wait to read more of them 🙂

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for your lovely comment – really means a lot to me as I LOVE words and I really like ballet / opera too so that high praise indeed lol.
      As for reading a poem in public…it’s taken a long time for me to get here as I don’t generally like people staring at me for long periods of time haha. It’s a work in progress. Thanks for reading!

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