When The Dust Settles: Thailand

Who will finish
your jigsaw heart
when he leaves,
taking pieces with him?
Who told you to play
with unbeatable men?

Men who let you
love loneliness
out of them
gifting it back to you
wondering why
you return half full.

He is a desert
you, the oasis
desperate to
hydrate and keep
the hope of love;
a cruel mirage.
©Assumpta Ozua 2015


Distil Bar, Bangkok

I leave a minute part of me in every city that I visit [and love].

While my Bangkok experience differed significantly to the last time I was there some years ago, I was no less sad when leaving Thailand this time, than I was previously.

This trip was noteworthy for three major reasons:

  1. Bearing witness to my friend from High School marrying the love of her life in one of the most beautiful celebrations I have ever attended
  2. Being abroad with High School friends I hadn’t travelled with since our trip to Barcelona 8 years ago (we do, however, meet up in the UK)
  3. Spending time with a friend from University I hadn’t seen in 7 years who happened to be in Thailand at the same time

Beautiful yet bittersweet memories are currently hugging my heart.

Below are some pictures from my last night:


From L to R: Dreamer || Editor || Accountant || Doctor


Sky Bar, Bangkok (from The Hangover Part II)



Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok



Dress: French Connection | Heels: Random Boutique | Bag: Thai shop | Earrings: Zac Posen | Cuff Bracelet: Borrowed | Watch: DKNY

14 thoughts on “When The Dust Settles: Thailand

    • Assumpta says:

      That bar was amazing; the views were just insane. Definitely go if you can!
      And thanks re: my dress. I’m glad I finally got to wear it as it still had tags on when I put it in my suitcase lol. x


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