Lianne La Havas Live

I have a fondness for occasionally doing things on my own. That sounds really vague right? I’ll elaborate… I [sometimes] like going to the cinema, out to eat, having tea, going to book shops and libraries, attending poetry and live music events and once [so far], travelling on my own. Now this isn’t because I’m devoid of the necessary social skills to interact with others and make or sustain friendships – on the contrary. I enjoy doing all of those things with people but from time to time I like to go it alone.

On Monday 14th March I went to my first concert alone. I saw Lianne La Havas at the Royal Albert Hall to be precise. Despite being alone, flanked by two couples (awkward right?), the strangely selected and almost inappropriate punk support act called The Kenneths and being sneezed on by a stranger, I had a lovely and an unexpectedly inspiring time.

For those who may not be familiar with the British folk and soul singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas, it was her debut headlining at the Royal Albert Hall for an ‘Albert Sessions’ concert and to her credit, it was sold out! I can’t say that I’m surprised as her voice is distinctly sublime and it’s difficult not to love the music she makes. Lianne La Havas is one of the few singers I have heard live who sound almost identical to their recordings which in an age of auto-tune and excessive mastering, is quite the feat.

For over two hours, an audience of 5000+ people sat enthralled. From the initial chords of her playing solo-guitar, to the full band accompaniment and later the addition of the Norbury Manor Celeste Choir (from her old school), the exceptional quality was maintained throughout. Her whole set was one I won’t be forgetting in a while and attendance at this concert enabled me to tick off yet another thing from my #30Before30 list – more on that to follow.

Although I wasn’t close enough to get a clear shot of the songstress herself, below are a couple of pictures I took:


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