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5 Things Paris Reminded Me Of About Life

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous A few days ago, I was in Paris. It’s one of my favourite cities. Travelling brings me immeasurable joy. Personally, it is a priority for me. Experiencing different cultures, fashion, languages and foods [in their country of origin] is something… Continue reading 5 Things Paris Reminded Me Of About Life

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When The Dust Settles: Thailand

Who will finish your jigsaw heart when he leaves, taking pieces with him? Who told you to play with unbeatable men? Men who let you love loneliness out of them gifting it back to you wondering why you return half full. He is a desert you, the oasis desperate to hydrate and keep the hope… Continue reading When The Dust Settles: Thailand

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Nostalgia: The Lake District

Today I miss space and trees, freedom and childhood. I just don't feel like smiling or being peppy right now. It happens sometimes. I thought back to a couple of weeks ago (the beginning of the month) when I went to visit my best friend. She planned some birthday treats for me and one was… Continue reading Nostalgia: The Lake District

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A Long Weekend in Nigeria

Two weeks ago I took a quick trip to Nigeria. Ridiculous right? Who takes quick trips to Africa unless you’re a business[wo]man? But effectively I was there for a long weekend. It was quite the distance to go for a short space of time, but when you have a business to run / lots of work… Continue reading A Long Weekend in Nigeria