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Leo Season

Lions never lose sleep over the opinions of sheep”

That is my mantra for this month because:

  1. The past few weeks have been sprinkled with encounters with negative individuals that almost caused me to lose focus
  2. It’s my birth month and I’m a Leo! (not that I follow star signs particularly but hey)

Back to the matter at hand; as we journey through life, there will never be a shortage of destructive, unhappy, and obstructive people. Ignore them.

I know I know, sometimes trying to disregard such people is like avoiding creepy crawlies when you’re outside wearing bright colours – irritating yet very possible. Just get swatting! [Note: I am not encouraging violence, if you choose to take that literally that’s on you]

My coping mechanism is to step my game up. On every level – particularly in the clothing department. I love wearing black but I’m try to wear brighter colours – especially now that it isn’t as cold in the UK. Plus they express my jovial mood.

I recently got a blinged out dashiki (sadly the camera doesn’t really show the detail/stones). I think it’s meant to be a top but given that I’m only 5”2 it looks more like a dress. I got so many compliments and enquiries while wearing the ‘dress’ and carrying the bag (I purchased from the same company), that it made my signature smile shine even brighter.

Having said that, my real joy comes from the fact that I know I’m loved and more importantly I love myself.

Look out for more posts in the run up to my birthday.

Dress and Bag: Necessities | Wedges: TK Maxx | Sunglasses: Mary Kay | Bracelet: Vintage | Watch: DKNY | Necklace: Gift

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