Life Lessons

Choose Your Pain

“Choose your pain, the pain of being haunted with regrets; or the pain of hard graft and discipline. The pain of discipline is ALWAYS better than the pain of regret in my opinion. Today I choose to Dream, Dare, be Disciplined and Dedicated. Today I choose the pain that leads to success in all that I do. How about you? Have a brilliant day and week fb friends and family.”

That was my mums Facebook status this morning.

When I read it on the train to work it made me smile. The concept of choosing your pain is not new to me but it’s one of those things that I found to be very true and then somehow buried somewhere in my subconscious.

Everyday we make choices. Whether to get up and go to work / work on your dream or to stay in bed sleeping. A few weeks ago one of my friends’ who I find unbelievably inspiring had this quote as her Facebook status: “Being broke is hard. Becoming wealthy is hard. Choose your hard.”

Succinct perspective-giving quotes are the best right?

When people complain and say that starting a business, going that extra mile at work, getting more qualifications or generally striving to better themselves is hard, an apt response would be “well so is being broke.” And for the quick mouths in the room who would retort that they aren’t broke, being unfulfilled, having regrets and a lack of excess disposable income, that’s hard too!

So, as my mum wrote; choose your pain.


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