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I Love Mondays

I really do love Mondays.

A lot of people find it weird and ask me “why?” but why not? Monday is the beginning of a new week which signifies new possibilities and new opportunities. I probably sound overly optimistic but it’s true.

If you’re not so positively inclined and everything is doom and gloom then it’s another week for you to lament in!

There was a point in time where I wasn’t this enthusiastic about Mondays but then I decided to change my narrative. It didn’t make sense to dread an unavoidable day. The only way to bypass Monday’s would be to die or sleep through them and both aren’t great options. At least not for me personally.

The former would mean you’d never enjoy another day at all and the latter would then make Tuesdays your Mondays therefore taking you back to square one! Rant over…

Anyway, I just wanted to share my appreciation for Monday’s with you as well as give you 3 reasons why I try not to live for the weekends:

1. The week can be for more than just work (particularly if you loathe your job) – watch a movie, read a book, exercise or socialise with friends/family/colleagues

2. This is the way it is. It’s the way it always has been and the way it [probably] will always be. Why make 5 out of 7 days of your weekly life all about work and no play?

3. I [personally] believe that it is unhealthy. When it comes to living the way that you were created to live – there’s so much more to life and I find the weekend just isn’t enough time to experience it all! Plus I try to rest on [at least one day] on the weekend to ready myself for the next week (try being the operative word. I don’t always succeed).

On that note, I hope you had a wonderful day and have a productive week. I’m missing the warmth so below is a picture from a few months ago when the weather was more suited to my disposition.


4 thoughts on “I Love Mondays”

    1. I agree – they are tough. A lot of the time I want to stay in bed but then I remember everything I want to achieve and all of the fun things I have planned for the week and get my butt into gear!

      I had a busy week – as per usual! Brunch, shopping, meeting my friends baby for the first time, poetry show, brush lettering course and helping a new friend with her English.

      How was yours?


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