Poetry, style

Throwback Thursday

You move me,

shift my equilibrium

like weights on a scale

you tip the balance

and upturn my spirit.

Like stray hands in crowds

you scatter my senses

Like wind in loose weave

chaotic and free,

You move me

like a riotous people

lobbying for change

taking action against oppressors

because things cannot

always stay the same.

You move me

like waves shake ships that

dare to slice their stillness.

Like Beethoven’s 5th symphony,

Michaelangelo’s David

and Othello’s murderous love

You move me

like the wise words of my father,

the comforting embraces of my mother

and the enviable knowledge

of my often distant brother

move me you do,

like displaced families trying to find homes

like rufugee’s and emigree’s

you move me

like men posing as prophets

trying to part chaste thighs

like the Red Sea


You move me

like childhood memories

and the innocence of youth

like unashamed displays of humanity

you move me

like humility,

in a world polluted with pride



Move me.

©Assumpta Ozua 2008


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