Life Lessons, Poetry

Dear Boyfriend

On these lonesome coal-stained nights,
when the air of silence and thick stench
of latent indecision, lingers all around,
threatening to upset her equilibrium,
She will close her eyes, inhale deeply
and laugh in the face of the void
that he always leaves behind
because her memories almost fill it.
Somewhere, in a foreign solar system
beyond her dreams and current reality,
further than the distance between
their truth and others fear or her mothers
lack of understanding of this new love,
sit two besotted souls – much like themselves
palms suctioned shut with fingers,
arms and legs intertwined like shoe laces,
as they re-live the moment in which they
both had their last first kiss.
©Assumpta Ozua 2013

I had a really weird day. It was going okay until the end. Something happened that unsettled me a little and I have been fighting to restore my equilibrium ever since. Rest assured that I’m getting there though. It’s impossible not to be when I unexpectedly had dinner in a restaurant I feel so at home in – thank God for the¬†Balans’s Soho Society.

Usually it’s somewhere I frequent for brunch but today was the first time I’ve had dinner there and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. When I can’t decide what I want on a menu I ask our waiter/waitress for their favourite dish. In this instance, her tastebuds did not disappoint.

My chicken and bacon dish with mash potato was delicious. As mundane and trivial as it may seem, it reminded me of how grateful I am for the little things [to me] that are big things to others. The ability to go out for a meal for no reason other than I had a crappy afternoon is not lost on me. Plus, as I often try to remind myself, tomorrow is another day.

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