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Woman Crush Wednesdays #1

Sometimes, when I speak, my mother comes out. Spontaneous cacophony I cannot control, my trunk, encased in the fear of splintering your legacy, coerced upright by transcendent heritage and pride; tangible evidence that little brown girls fertilised by faith, sacrifice, high expectations and love can germinate into formidable forests, like you. [extract] ©Assumpta Ozua I've… Continue reading Woman Crush Wednesdays #1

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Superwoman Syndrome

When you fly home at night, slipstreaming lassitude and loneliness sleepy wind hissing your name encasing and loving your frame, do you ever wonder, before feet touch down on stillness kissing terra firma when you will put yourself first? ©Assumpta Ozua 2015 I had a really busy weekend – Really. Busy. Having said that, most… Continue reading Superwoman Syndrome