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Woman Crush Wednesdays #1

Sometimes, when I speak, my mother comes out.
Spontaneous cacophony I cannot control,
my trunk, encased in the fear of splintering your legacy,
coerced upright by transcendent heritage and pride;
tangible evidence that little brown girls fertilised by
faith, sacrifice, high expectations and love can
germinate into formidable forests, like you.
©Assumpta Ozua

I’ve never had a ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ before. Today I felt like changing that and who better to be my first #WCW than my mum! I’ve written about her before (in this post) but here are 5 reasons why she is my #WCW:

  1. She’s number one. No…literally, she is number one. Not just the First Lady our household but number one in the UK in her business and has been for over 12 years! *Boss status certified*
  2. She’s one of the best dressed individuals I know – unequivocally. She knows what suits her and wear it effortlessly.
  3. She’s intelligent and the wisest woman I know [personally]. My mum handles difficult situations with poise and grace – even when people are being unnecessarily rude, she chooses kindness. I don’t know how she does it?
  4. She’s an awesome wife. I know that because my Dad is a happy, successful and all around fabulous man. I’m sure she had a lot to do with that (love you Dad!).
  5. She is caring and generous to a fault. Even when people don’t deserve it. She always tells me that “what you sow into the lives of others will surely come back to you” so I’m doing my best to cultivate and share flowers, not weeds!




12 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesdays #1”

  1. She believes in you, backs her belief with her words and actions until you believe in yourself. I don’t know how she does it. She makes hard work look like massive fun! Oh…and you can never catch her unawares. Full of poise and grace.

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    1. YES!! This perfectly encapsulates my mum! She has the ability to constantly breathe belief into you when you feel like you’re suffocating.
      Thanks for reading Dir. Abe x


  2. Your mum is definitely an awesome lady! Inspirational, and unbelievably kind (and I still love how she noticed my new hair colour before my own mother did, haha). And she makes de-lish chicken and gives great hugs. Which, let’s face it, are two of the most important things in life!

    You and Pete are lucky people!

    C x

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