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Hearts and Stars

Welcome to my first post.

Although I prefer plain colours and simple, elegant tailoring, I am a fan of polka dots, hearts and stars. This love tends to present itself in my pyjamas and occasionally t-shirts.

Nothing beats being curled up and comfortably dressed when writing a journal entry. Do you love shapes / patterns or write as well?

Hearts and Stars

Hearts and Stars

Hearts and Stars
Pyjama bottoms: Primark // T-shirt: Primark // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelet: Vintage

Dear Shooting Star,

Last night I thought I saw you.
Of all the attractive clusters of fire
in the vast sky that is my life,
you blaze with the ferocity of
an atom bomb post detonation and
I have often wondered the
consequences if we were to collide when
I was made of the same stuff as you.
You see, I used to be a superstar
and shine brightly every night without trying.
I used to radiate the certainty that
comes with the joy of knowing you are loved,
knowing that the best parts of you
can save the worst parts of others with
just the flash of a smile because
it is hard to keep a good glow down
and even harder to frown when
confronted with all that light but
my centre didn’t hold.
The temporary absence of
star quality, like you, in me
made me grow too much in light,
too much in disappointment
and incandescent indignation
until my celestial body turned supernova
ejecting the best parts of me.
So here I am, a giant nebulous glow
mesmerised by the indelible trail you
leave across my airspace when you pass it.
I wish I could follow you into earth’s atmosphere
I probably would if you asked me?
Just be two shooting stars burning up on entry
two larger than life clusters of energy
searching for a solar system to call home.

© Assumpta Ozua 2013

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