Fiery Fun

For as long as I can remember, fireworks (and flames in general) have intrigued me. There’s something about fire that I found both soothing and fascinating in equal measure – but not to the point of setting random things alight. Arson is not my thing lol.

I do however, love candles – particularly the scented variety, and my apartment seems to be dotted with them. Last month while visiting my friend, we decided to light some fireworks and Chinese lanterns in her garden and have our own personal fireworks night. It was a noisy, scary but fun experience.

Have any of you ever attempted your own fireworks display?

Fireworks 2

Fireworks 1


Fireworks 3

Fireworks 4

Fireworks 5

Fireworks 6
Jumper: Warehouse | Jeans: TK Maxx | Necklace: Peacocks | Watch: DKNY | Footwear: Vans | Jacket: Borrowed from my friend

Dear Enigma

If you were mine, I would write you a sonnet
for every over-analytical thought
you had in the month of May,
stick them to a giant heart-shaped board and
burn them in effigy for everyone to see
how you set my core alight.

And while the flames blaze with the intensity of
adolescent first love and smoldering words
float up into the heavens like prodigal angels,
I would turn to you and say that I could live
without your pensive, well constructed face,
and unexpected insight, but I really just don’t want to.

And knowing that wildfires, like us,
have an unpredictable life expectancy,
I would savour every moment and blow
ailing embers, twinkling like distant stars,
in the direction of your gaze,
tell you to make a wish for every single
one of them and ask God to make them
all come true because people like you
are fireworks in the daytime
so if I had you for a lifetime,
I would ensure that you knew exactly what that meant.

© Assumpta Ozua 2013

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