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The Secret

Contrary to what my previous posts would have you believe thus far, I actually spend 75% of my outdoor life in heels. And yes, I really do wear heels almost every day. That’s no secret.

However, I have been thinking about secrets a lot lately – the secrets we keep from others and those that we keep from ourselves. I used to have a secret place I would go to when I needed to think or unwind and escape from my world. Sadly I am yet to find a replacement – am I the only one who wishes they had their own secret garden?

Whenever I’m in Shoreditch (which is where the pictures below were taken), I wonder whether my new secret space may be around the next corner? At some point I may go exploring and find one. But for now, I’ll just enjoy the views and allow the architecture to keep the secrets of others.

imageimage image image image image image image image image


Sunglasses: ASOS | Roll Neck Jumper: Retail Therapy | Skirt: Bespoke by Sola Designs (using fabric I bought) | Tights: Marks and Spencer | Coat: ASOS | Glasses: Gok Wan for Specsavers | Wedges: Aldo


Plot an ambiguous path
on the map that is my life
and take a leisurely walk with me
into the uncertainty of forever.
As I scatter my problems at your feet
like dissident rose petals,
be not afraid,
but collect them one by one.
Be not predictable
in the vein of Pandora’s box,
and let loose all that I hold dear.
Instead be like Fort Knox,
keeping my sins, sadness
and sentiments safe.
Stuff each ear with porous sponge
so that you might absorb
my numerous tales of woe
as I pour out my soul.
Make your truth spitting lips
impervious to idle gossip.
Be who I think you to be,
and promise to keep
all of my secrets for me.

© Assumpta Ozua 2011

4 thoughts on “The Secret”

  1. Fantastic pictures! Love the poem too.
    My favourite section:
    “Stuff each ear with porous sponge
    so that you might absorb
    my numerous tales of woe
    as I pour out my soul.”
    So visual.


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