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Taking Stock

I was catching up on some of the blogs I follow and stumbled on a post about taking stock. Given that we’re now half way through the year, instead of my normal creative offering, I thought that I would use the same prompts to form a post. Here goes:

Making: A mid-year assessment of my advancement in 2015 thus far; I’m not sure if I’m wholly happy with how things have panned out to date.

Cooking Eating: Mini flapjacks and wishing I had made them myself

Drinking: Lemon and ginger tea

Reading: The PA Story – which happens to have been written by my friend. So proud of her got getting it published – it was released last week.

Wanting: A holiday or a hug. Or a hug while on holiday? Preferably somewhere hot.

Looking: For ways to focus my attention and work smart instead of hard.

Deciding: Whether to keep reading more blogs or stop procrastinating and work on my novel.

Wishing: For a bigger apartment and someone to spoil / have adventures with.

Enjoying: The optimism / hope and relative peace I feel despite the busyness of my life of late.

Waiting: For my hair to grow back after my cut in December

Liking: My plans for the future.

Wondering: Why people are so concerned with when I’m getting married? (na by force?)

Loving: How amazing my best friend is and how I keep meeting and befriending remarkable people.

Pondering: What it will be like when I stop being so darn fearful and get closer to the greatness that others seem to see and believe will manifest in my life.

Considering: Going for a run later. It’s been far too long and I need to stop being lazy.

Watching: People. I’m always [surreptitiously] watching people. Currently the ones on the news but later it will be people walking past or sitting across from me during my commute. I find human beings fascinating.

Hoping: To inspire someone with my life’s work and leave a legacy my family will be proud of. Super corny but legit.

Cringing: Because in my haste I accidentally burned myself this morning and now have a red mark on my stomach that is smarting as though I’ve been whipped.

Questioning: Whether a few projects I’ve been working on will turn out the way I want them to?

Wearing: A long sleeve, long length, grey and white striped Oxford shirt, black slim fit trousers and black kitten heels – plus a black blazer when I go out.

Following: Orange Is The New Black

Noticing: How many people I know but how small my sphere of influence is because I heeded my mother’s words and I’m guarding it jealously.

Knowing: That not everyone will like me (even those who feign pleasantries) and that’s okay. I can’t pay bills with other people’s opinions and quite frankly, their views on me are none of my business. Also, playing the comparison game does not help.

Marvelling: At some of the wonderful experiences and surprises I have been blessed with this year and we’re only six months in.

Thinking: About where my next epic hugs will come from plus future travel plans.

Admiring: The pool of talent my close friends seem to be swimming in. It’s so inspiring and motivating. Iron sharpens iron.

Sorting: The piles of folded clothes in the corner of my room – time to cull.

Getting: Less headaches lately.

Bookmarking: Aphorisms on Love and Hate by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Coveting: The relationship that my parents have.

Disliking: That I still think a lot and second guess myself (and God) at times.

Giggling: Alone on my sofa.

Feeling: Motivated and enthusiastic about turning my dreams into reality.

Snacking: On the same packet of flapjacks mentioned earlier.

Hearing: My heartbeat – the room is silent and for some reason it suddenly quickened.

Feel free to get involved and let me know if / when you do.

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