Wake-Up Call

Last week I went to a traditional Nigerian wedding with some high school friends (the bride also went to our high school). Nigerian weddings…actually Nigerian events in general, are very vibrant and lively affairs, as evidenced in a previous post of mine (read here) and this one was no different. Continue reading

Truth Bomb

I read a post earlier today by SouldierGirl that made me smile – please feel free to check it out here so you have a frame of reference.  The following line nicely summarised some thoughts that have been sitting with me for a while:

The battle that has given me the most wounds is the one I have fought with myself. Continue reading

A Bolt From The Blue

For a very long time now I’ve been thinking that in my ideal world I would have a fly-on-the-wall photographer following me around capturing the best and most spontaneous moments in my life (plus awesome outfits). Then I could look back on them in years to come, share with family and friends like “oh yeah! Remember that time I/we… <insert hilarious anecdote here> I wonder where that skirt is now and if it still fits?” *hardy har har* Continue reading

6 Word Story: Caution

So I’m feeling in a really minimalist mood at the moment hence the sparse nature of this post/story. I’m being very economical with my words: spoken and written and also with my time. The photos below were taken in front of my parents house in Nigeria, aka The White House (for obvious reasons), back in May. Continue reading