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One For The Books

You know the adage ‘never judge a book by its cover?’ Well, sometimes your first thoughts (or in my case feelings towards others) may be scarily accurate. As Maya Angelou succinctly put it, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” In my desire to see the good in people and… Continue reading One For The Books

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Lactic Acid Junkie

My name is Assumpta and I am a lactic acid junkie. There, I said it. If I’m honest I probably don’t really fit the profile so that admission is a stretch but it sounds catchier than “I like to do things that raise my heart rate and have an element of danger from time to… Continue reading Lactic Acid Junkie

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Nostalgia: The Lake District

Today I miss space and trees, freedom and childhood. I just don't feel like smiling or being peppy right now. It happens sometimes. I thought back to a couple of weeks ago (the beginning of the month) when I went to visit my best friend. She planned some birthday treats for me and one was… Continue reading Nostalgia: The Lake District

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Birthday Blessings and Lessons

*I forgot to post this yesterday but I'm just going to do so now without re-editing* IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! YAY! I’m actually pretty excited in spite of the fact that I have fluctuated between inexplicable enthusiasm and bouts of overwhelming dread in the past few weeks at the prospect of upgrading my age. I’m not… Continue reading Birthday Blessings and Lessons

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Pool Party Pandemonium

Just over a week ago (week ago…) my brother and his friends flew in to have a pool party at my parents’ house. And yes, it certainly was as indulgent as it sounds. Between himself and his friends, they flew in from 6 or 7 different countries if I’m not mistaken? Just for this party… Continue reading Pool Party Pandemonium

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Wake-Up Call

Last week I went to a traditional Nigerian wedding with some high school friends (the bride also went to our high school). Nigerian weddings…actually Nigerian events in general, are very vibrant and lively affairs, as evidenced in a previous post of mine (read here) and this one was no different. Typically at Nigerian weddings, the… Continue reading Wake-Up Call


A Bolt From The Blue

For a very long time now I’ve been thinking that in my ideal world I would have a fly-on-the-wall photographer following me around capturing the best and most spontaneous moments in my life (plus awesome outfits). Then I could look back on them in years to come, share with family and friends like “oh yeah!… Continue reading A Bolt From The Blue

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6 Word Story: Caution

So I'm feeling in a really minimalist mood at the moment hence the sparse nature of this post/story. I'm being very economical with my words: spoken and written and also with my time. The photos below were taken in front of my parents house in Nigeria, aka The White House (for obvious reasons), back in… Continue reading 6 Word Story: Caution