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As A Man Speaks

There are certain couples in my life that make me smile, fill me with hope and provide constant reminders that waiting will be worth it: 

My parents, my cousin Anita’s parents, my friend Suli and his wife Linda, my cousin Abbie and her husband John, my friend Regan and her husband Craig, my friend Kristin and her husband Courtney… just to name a few.

I love their love. 

Observing their relationships (at times from afar and at others much closer than I could have predicted) has taught me so much over the years. I am truly grateful. Despite being in a relationship for 7 years prior to their nuptials, the ‘newest’ couple on that list above are Suli and Linda.

I was privileged enough to attend their relatively intimate wedding last month. It was beautiful. Unequivocally, Suli’s grooms’ speech is the best I’ve heard to date – and I’ve been to a lot of weddings! I actually fought back tears. He spoke straight from the heart and in doing so, touched (or in some cases thawed) all of ours.

Linda recently uploaded a post entitled ‘5 Ways I Knew My Husband Was The One‘. You should read it if you have time – it’s really insightful.

The Happy Couple [Not my image. Let me know if you took it.]
My friend Amara and I. Photo credit goes to her.


Dress: Chi Chi London | Blazer: Custom Made by Sola Fashions | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Swarovski | Earrings: Gift


Things I Wish You Knew

There is something in you,
lighter than loyalty but
darker than desertion
indefinable enough to
confine truth in my mouth
it’s been 7 years and I
finally feel the itch
psychologists refer to but
I am struggling to tell you.

If I said I miss you,
I mean the distance between
our last conversation
and this moment
dwarfs the solar system
and stars become stepping-stones
to our next discussion,
my strength is not Herculean
enough to break the silence
solidifying since I subtly shared
my thoughts with you.

I think you would smell how
I expect you to – like
fresh air and possibility
like future and more recently, fear
I too am scared of
losing my friend but
the stubbornness of hope
fused with the credulity
I have in prayer prevents my
stammering kneecaps from faltering
and crawling away.

Everybody knows that
love is friendship set on fire
so why won’t you let us blaze?
Although I am a lover of flames
I am no arsonist – I will not
pyromaniac my way into your forever.

If I say that I miss you
I mean I wish the cadence of your voice
was always the prelude to my dreams
because your breath could be my favourite song.
I really want to be open with you
to wear emotion like skin
but expressions come and go like clouds
and today is a stormy day.

Lately, when I think of you,
my eyes brimming with things unsaid
a face with seriousness squatting
where laughter once lived,
wearing awkward smiles
on a mouth of airless space,
considering our friendship
cobwebbed in binaries of black and white
I wish I was brave enough to ask you
“What were you waiting for?”
©Assumpta Ozua 2015

7 thoughts on “As A Man Speaks”

  1. May all the happy couples you mentioned enjoy many more blissful years together! Your dress was gorgeous Assumpta! And this poem is one of my favourite pieces which I’ve ever read of yours! I love how different stanzas play on different extended metaphors… It captures the complexity of emotions very well. Beautiful work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen / Amin. I cosign your wish for then.
      Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my dress and the poem. I actually had no intention of sharing it with the world as it’s quite a personal piece but a few of my friends read the first stanza in an extract I posted. They loved it so I sent them the whole thing and they encouraged me to share so they could share it with others too.
      I’m glad the emotion seems to have been conveyed as I felt it. At least I hope so? Thanks once again!


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