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Wanderlust Woes

I am currently suffering from an acute case of wanderlust woes *cue the violins*.

My fondness for travel and experiencing new cultures is surpassed only by my weakness for words and when I get to write while away in a foreign land… good Lord, I’ve hit the jackpot!

As I looked up at the greyish sky this morning, splattered with hints of blue, I took note of the curiously mild weather for this time of the year [in the UK] and though grateful, I longed for some winter sun. Flash forward to a few hours later and I started thinking about all of the cities I have been to thus far and it occurred to me that I have taken well over 40 flights [it’s actually more than 50-60 if you count internal flights but let’s not be pedantic about it].

Over 40 flights and more than 28 cities (a couple of my favourite places I’ve been two to three times) and I am definitely not done yet. I know it sounds like a lot and I concede that it is when compared to the average traveller. However, my family isn’t what you’d call ‘the average traveller’ as we seem to have explorative blood coursing through our veins. To give context, my parents and brother have taken more than triple the number of flights I have! (My mother surpasses us all with six times the number of flights I’ve taken!)

Holidays (vacations for my US readers) are an essential component of a fulfilled life for me personally and thus, I prioritise them. However, the only downside to my love of holidays when combined with my love of clothes is packing and knowing what to take with me! You’d think that by now I would be super-efficient – admittedly I have improved over the years, but I dread packing (and unpacking). It’s worth it though.

In summary, make time for the things you love. If it’s something costly that requires planning then why not start today?

Jeans: TK Maxx | Top (unseen): ASOS | Scarf: Commandeered from my Mum | Jacket: Barbour | Slip on Trainers: Primark

Imagine That

Once autumn
crunches underfoot
When night skies
are bedecked with soot,

Just close your eyes
and count to three,
and day dream of
sun-soaked palm trees.
©Assumpta Ozua 2015

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