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Seeing The Invisible

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

On this day six years ago, that quote was my Facebook status. It resonated with me back in 2010 – enough for me to share with my friends and Lord knows I needed the reminder today.

I’m currently in what I could refer to as [yet another] a transitionary period of my life. I would call it a state of flux but it’s a little bit more stable than that… only a little though. It’s scary yet exciting.

Since I was a child I have often been able to see things others didn’t – and no, not in a Haley Joel Osment “I see dead people” kinda way. I have and I’m sure always will be a dreamer and I love that.

However, although dreaming is a wonderful thing, you always have to wake up and when you do, action is the most logical way of manifesting the vision. Up until recently, I was a doer too.

Lately, I have struggled with the concept of doing for a number of reasons such as rationalising to a fault, over-planning, under-planning or in short procrastination. A trait that [in my case] stems from my acute fear of failing.

Having said that, when I’m doing nothing or simply standing still, I’m failing anyway because of a the pace at which the world moves. When you remain stationary, you get left behind!

This post is a little encouragement for anyone who sees beyond the present and works diligently towards ‘what can and will be’. Don’t stop. Today one of my friends called me “brave” because I keep working towards what I want.

It made me smile outwardly but laugh internally when I remembered some of the not so positive things people have called me in the past and I’m almost certain that some still think I’m crazy *shrug*

Life got a lot easier when I [recently] stopped caring about the opinion of anyone that isn’t family or a genuine friend / loved one. Some people don’t understand my actions or decision making but they don’t need to. I can see the invisible and it’s beautiful. The question is, can you?

Sunglasses: Mary Kay | Necklace: Gift | Beach Playsuit: Primark | Bracelet: Vintage



5 thoughts on “Seeing The Invisible”

  1. Yes I can I tell you life is beautiful when you stop caring about what people outside your ‘circle’ think – so glad you are taking this journey and super proud of you ❤️

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