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If you want to give light to others, you have to glow yourself

Vamar* called me a lighthouse today. It was a really random conversation that ended up being very profound and had me wishing I had recorded it or at the very least, taken notes. It began with him trying to convince me to share my poetry with some people that I really had little or no interest in sharing with.

He said that it wasn’t about what I wanted, but more of what they needed and then likened my words to medicine which admittedly, floored me a little. He asked me what a lighthouse does. Temporarily disregarding the question, I proceeded to tell him of my deep appreciation for lighthouses and all that they stood for.

He asked again and this time I answered, “they spread light.” To which he replied “Exactly. You’re a lighthouse” and then lamented about “the problems with creatives…” and us wanting to be with other creatives when that’s not what we were created for – light is meant to drive out darkness so how can you do that if you remain afraid of the night and only dwell with other light?

I had no answer to that.


Firstly because I was still trying to get over the fact that he had called me a lighthouse – such high praise (in my opinion) that I am still trying to process. And secondly I knew he was right. It didn’t make sense for me to say that I want to help people with my words and then not do the very thing I desire when presented with the opportunity.

It’s amazing what fear will rob you of when you are led by it – albeit subconsciously at times. Occasionally it takes someone you barely know to disseminate some home truths and make you question what you say and what you do, then consider the distance between the two and how to bridge them.

When you come across such people; listen, process, filter and then action. And don’t forget to thank them – even if some of what they say may be hard to hear. There is a lesson in everything.

*Vamar is an enlightened individual that I haven’t known for too long but sporadically have interesting conversations with.

2016-05-25 18.29.57
Backpack: Zara | Jacket: Barbour | Jeans: Primark | Sunglasses: Gift

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