Today I wished I had the perfect photographic memory, or better still, a more extensive vocabulary to capture the very essence of you.
I wanted my ears to transform into dictaphones so that I might record, replay and re-live all of our nonsense conversations.
The ones that induce belly-laughs so deep I’d swear your jokes were digging for bile.
Or maybe you twist charm like loose faucets and let wit spill from your lips to my lug-holes for no other reason than to make me smile?
In the midst of the world’s commotion, this I pondered for a while.
Today I tried to remember every little nuance that makes you, you.
Sweet idiosyncrasies like the fact that when you chew, lips pursed as though posing with full pout,
your mouth moves in quick circular motions eradicating all doubt that the sight of someone eating food could ever look so good.
Today I hoped that each iris would morph into a monocle so that I might see you better.
Look so deep into your doe-eyes that it becomes possible to see your soles and while I search your retina’s with the precision of an archaeological dig,
My peepers turn SLR and capture Kodak moments as though a Canon would launch tonight leaving me bereft of another sunrise.
Today I prayed I had memory-foam skin so that our first kiss I could never miss as the impression of your lips would remain blue-printed on my orifice
So when the second comes that you lose all interest, I could retrace the time
when your hand on mine made me picture the very moment I would entrust such recollections to paper.
Purge matters of my heart to rhythmical palpitations using the pen as my sticks and the page as my drum.
Today I wished I had a faultless photographic memory, or better still, a more extensive vocabulary
Because I can’t suitably capture the essence of you.
©Assumpta Ozua 2011

Top: H&M | Jumper: Urban Outfitters | Silk Scarf: Thailand | Earrings: Tiffany | Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace: Gift | Ring: Gift

Both the poem and picture are throwbacks. They individually sprang to mind today (for differing reasons) so I thought I would share.

Have a productive week 🙂

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