Life Lessons, Random

Note to Self #2

“Negative people negate themselves from greatness and being the beneficiary of the greatness in others. Be proactively positive today!” That quote above is a reminder of why it is important to guard your sphere of influence carefully. If I cannot immediately remove myself from a situation where negative energy and unkind rhetoric is prevalent, I… Continue reading Note to Self #2

Life Lessons, Poetry


The minute I heard He called you home, my arms hung like a wall clock at 5.35, every appendage saluting the floor while disconsolate eyes spat bitterness from the flooded alcoves of my soul. I wish you were still here. Your passing fractured blistered air, redirecting draughts to the passageway of a tortured torso inducing… Continue reading Breathless

Life Lessons, Random

The Secret Life of Leaves

A little while ago my mother shared something on her social media that I’d like to share with you. She said: “life is not governed by miracles but by principles.” (and no, she was not commenting on the validity of miracles). She used that quote specifically with regards to the principle of sowing and reaping… Continue reading The Secret Life of Leaves