Climbing The Walls

I recently started climbing – and by that I mean I’ve been to the wall twice. However, on both occasions I was there for almost three hours so I’d say that entitles me to talk about it now… right? I was introduced to the pastime by a relatively newish but very cool friend of mine but it just so happens that my best friend is indulging in the same activity where she lives 300 miles away (synergy eh!)

The few friends who know about my climbing exploits have had some interesting reactions to it ranging from: “Why would you want to do that? / What’s wrong with you” to “ah that’s so cool, I’d love to do that too”. I suppose the fact that it’s done without a harness and the waiver form they make you sign had my former inner lawyer questioning my sanity, either adds to the excitement of it all or makes you feel uneasy.

Clearly I am the former and couldn’t wait to see how high I could climb. I generally like trying new things and at present I’m striving to bring balance to my life in terms of indulging my interests and yet still working hard. I haven’t quite reached equilibrium yet and Lord knows if I ever will but it’s been an interesting journey thus far.

I often draw parallels between my hobbies and wider life in general (as seen here on my other blog). At some point I’ll probably do a similar post on the things climbing has taught me but to date, it’s pandering to the adrenalin junkie in me, will [hopefully] improve my fitness and has inspired a poem. Happy days!

I haven’t taken any pictures (with me in them) as both times I didn’t have my camera with me and my phone has been indisposed for four weeks. Plus I’m presently doing this thing where I try to live in moments as opposed disrupting the flow to capture them physically (despite my love of being able to look back on pictures). It’s been refreshingly liberating until I want to show someone evidence of what I’ve done and realise I have no pictures.

Question: If you wear an awesome outfit while doing something fun but it doesn’t make a sound no one’s around to see it and there’s no photographic evidence, does it mean it never happened?

Meh. Let me know your thoughts on capturing vs. living in moments… in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the poem.

A glimpse of where I climb. Photo Credit: archclimbingwall.com


Should there come a day,
when the ascent to my heart
leaves inquisitive limbs weak,
longing to abseil my defences
reuniting your feet
with safe, solid ground
please remember that
some striking structures
weren’t created to be conquered,
not all remote entities
were made to be overcome.
Sometimes we must climb
simply to enjoy the view,
what better memories have we
than those crafted I’m vacuums
of uncertainty and fear
of breath-taking vistas
and unforgettable scents
that resurrect smiles with
sharpshooting accuracy,
be patient with me.
Even on the days when
the moon won’t outrun the sun
and light reveals new storeys
to rise to, let this remind you
that great victory always
begins with the first step.
©Assumpta Ozua 2015

4 thoughts on “Climbing The Walls”

  1. Ah, rock climbing!
    So Fn cool!
    I did it a couple times when I was out in Lake Tahoe and my FOREARMS!
    The next day my forearms were done. Like, DONE.

    I also started growing out my nails so holding out to anything with a tight grip was out the window.
    I think it’s awesome as sh*t that you’re doing this, no pictures needed boo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks you PYT you!
      Luckily for me I had just cut my nails before deciding to go climbing so no great love lost there. I’m just going to have to rock the short look for a bit.
      I hear you on the forearms though – I think mine are mumbling explitives at me right now! x


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