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6 Word Story: Caution

So I’m feeling in a really minimalist mood at the moment hence the sparse nature of this post/story. I’m being very economical with my words: spoken and written and also with my time. The photos below were taken in front of my parents house in Nigeria, aka The White House (for obvious reasons), back in May.

I really love this dress. My tailor did a fanastic job and I basically wanted to sleep in it so I did! Well…I took a nap in it (headtie and all) after we got back from church for thanksgiving service. Given the fitted nature of the dress it wasn’t the most comfortable nap but I was content.

Special thanks to my brother for getting these shots of me while the gateman, security guards and a few [male] cousins who happened to be chilling randomly in the courtyard, looked on. Posing wasn’t awkward at all…. (now that’s real dedication to the cause!)

And now with added accessories for the win…

Gele (headtie) / Aso Eke: Purchased by my Mum | Dress: Sola Fashions | Watch: DNKY | Bracelet: Thrifted | Clutch: Dune | Heels (unseen): Unze

The 6 word story is below. If you have outfits that make you feel amazing and never want to remove then let me know.

6 Word Story: Caution

Warning: Lying, while lying, may cripple.
©Assumpta Ozua 2015

7 thoughts on “6 Word Story: Caution”

    1. Thanks for the comment and the compliment.
      Congrats on wearing your first gele and iro and buba (I’m yet to wear iro and buba). Gele’s can induce headaches and have done for me in the past but luckily mine wasn’t tied too tight in this instance!
      I had a look on your blog but couldn’t find your gele pics – will you be sharing? 🙂


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