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Pool Party Pandemonium

Just over a week ago (week ago…) my brother and his friends flew in to have a pool party at my parents’ house. And yes, it certainly was as indulgent as it sounds. Between himself and his friends, they flew in from 6 or 7 different countries if I’m not mistaken? Just for this party *moment of silence* (my brother is quite the socialite / people-person and I basically want to be like him when I grow up!) But I digress…

The party was SO. MUCH. FUN! Given that it wasn’t my party, I only invited a few friends and some of our cousins were there too but I had a fantastic time and so did everyone else it would seem. His pool parties are usually pretty epic but between the DJ’s, hired marquee, bouncy castle and our new fandangled BBQ, this particular party was a little more extravagant than usual.

I knew I wanted to wear something comfortable yet colourful so it felt like the perfect event to debut the dashiki my aunt bought me from Nigeria. Green happens to be my favourite colour but I don’t actually wear it often so I was super happy when my aunt gifted it to me (I really want at least one more dashiki) I paired the top with knee-length denim shorts (I rarely show my thighs in short dresses or short shorts….it’s just a thing for me).

Anyway, here are a few shots from the party that I took with my camera before putting it away for safekeeping when things got a little more….lively. My brother had some professional photographers there so maybe I’ll share a few of those at a later date as those pictures are epic and actually feature him whereas I totally forgot to take one of us together. DOH!

The poem at the bottom was inspired by the night but is creatively anecdotal and by no means a representation of what transpired <disclaimer over>.

Yep…my arms are double jointed. I always forget until captured moments like this!


My cousin and her husband – they have a love like none other. It’s really cute!




I’m pretty proud of that pastel bunting above as I physically drew those triangles on card and with the help of my friend, cut them out and hole punched then strung them! Someone kindly hung them up for us.














Me pretending to DJ… okay so I had a quick lesson and basically knew how to switch tracks but I’d say I did it well as I managed to do so in time!


Top: Nigeria (gift) | Shorts: Dorothy Perkins | Wedges: Risky


to be

to sip stillness in spite
of the merriment before you.
watch strangers
crash white horses
onto tiled interiors

to be
to be

observe your way to
contented reticent revelry
if only cocktails like tongues
were not so sweet, maybe
you would have succeeded.
©Assumpta Ozua 2015

11 thoughts on “Pool Party Pandemonium”

    1. Shh….girl! Why are you exposing me!?
      A lot of people got in the pool (there are tonnes of professional pics of those antics) I didn’t get in though *hides face* ..I had swimwear on underneath and did actually take my top off at one point but didn’t venture in this time.


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