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The Sum of All Parts

“You will always be too much of something for someone. Too big, too small, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge. Apologise for mistakes. Apologise for unintentionally hurting someone – profusely. But NEVER apologise for being who you are.” - Unknown I’ve messed up my blogging… Continue reading The Sum of All Parts

Life Lessons, Poetry

How To Die of a Broken Heart

Some women are half empty vessels, allowing any man to dilute and fill them. Unaware that they can never be safe in his unsteady palms. He will spill you both. ©Assumpta Ozua 2016 Last night I watched How To Die of a Broken Heart by Femi Martin. Ever since Femi mentioned this project on Facebook about… Continue reading How To Die of a Broken Heart


For The Love of Language

On Things That I Know to Be True: When I was four years old; complete with snow white knee high socks and imaginary dwarf-friends in tow, I wanted to be a doctor. Already aware of the sickness in the world and a bourgeoning puzzle-meister I really wanted to fix things seek smiles that had been… Continue reading For The Love of Language

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When The Dust Settles: Thailand

Who will finish your jigsaw heart when he leaves, taking pieces with him? Who told you to play with unbeatable men? Men who let you love loneliness out of them gifting it back to you wondering why you return half full. He is a desert you, the oasis desperate to hydrate and keep the hope… Continue reading When The Dust Settles: Thailand

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Trunkwell Mansion House, Reading

[Side Note: Picture heavy post] In my previous post, (click here if you missed it), I shared a high school friend’s traditional Nigerian wedding with you all. This post is about her white wedding held at Trunkwell Mansion House in Reading as the title of this post suggests. Having been to well over 20 weddings… Continue reading Trunkwell Mansion House, Reading


Father’s Day

Wishing my heartbeat a Happy Father's Day! Oh how I love him...                Unconditional My father, resident here on earth, principled is thy name. When adversary comes, you have never run Of your goodness I will always proclaim. Before inaudible mutiny, curiosity and boys kidnapped me from the fortress of your hugs – Saturday… Continue reading Father’s Day