Life Lessons

The Enemy Within

On the days when life is a vacuum, a merciless vortex sucking up the debris of resting dreams, careering towards apathy towards assured uncertainty and annihilating truth, remember this headspace is void of matter and vacancies are formed to be filled. ©Assumpta Ozua 2015 An old African proverb says, “When there is no enemy within,… Continue reading The Enemy Within


For The Love of Language

On Things That I Know to Be True: When I was four years old; complete with snow white knee high socks and imaginary dwarf-friends in tow, I wanted to be a doctor. Already aware of the sickness in the world and a bourgeoning puzzle-meister I really wanted to fix things seek smiles that had been… Continue reading For The Love of Language

Poetry, Travel

When The Dust Settles: Thailand

Who will finish your jigsaw heart when he leaves, taking pieces with him? Who told you to play with unbeatable men? Men who let you love loneliness out of them gifting it back to you wondering why you return half full. He is a desert you, the oasis desperate to hydrate and keep the hope… Continue reading When The Dust Settles: Thailand

Life Lessons, Poetry

The Problem With Comparisons

The past three and a half years of my life have been inundated with comparisons. Whether it’s others making them, or those made by myself, I have found said happiness-hiding thoughts to be debilitating at times and woefully counterproductive. When I started my Mary Kay business almost four years ago, the comparisons came in quick… Continue reading The Problem With Comparisons